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Bearcubbin’ Bite Back Bitchezzz

August 24, 2010

Following the success of their interview and feature earlier this month on the blog, this sweet band are back with the long awaited split they were working on.
And fuck me, the wait was worth it! Listen to it here, Download it, Crank up the speakers and get your mind blown by sensual looping, earpelting experimental mathrock fuzz.

I was seriously unexpecting just how fucking rad this split is.
Totally overcome with the urge to punch dance my math rock rage.

<a href=”http://bearcubbin.bandcamp.com/album/jewels-the-wallwalkers-bearcubbin-split”>Stephen Balwin’s Address at The Whitehouse Press Correspondants Dinner by Bearcubbin’!</a>

It also comes with deepest regret the news that bearcubbin wont be continuing as a band.

Circuit Sweet wishes the dudes all the best in whatever they get up to next, I dig their shreds.

So get your paws on this god damn split and soak it in.

As I previously havent blogged Jewels and the Wall Walkers you can get more from them here.

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