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July 21, 2010

North hail from Tucson, Arizona. They are a dark and aggressive metal band that balances the experimental flare of post-rock, with the heaviness and gloom of sludge metal.

North have been touring in support of their 2008 full length “What You Were” off Cavity Records for the last year and will continue to bring their abrasive sound to the forefront of heavy music.

I discovered these guys on Myspace whilst on a hunt for some unheard Post-Rock for a mixtape and have been hooked with the sludgyness since.

The group has 3 releases; Siberia 2006, Ruins 2007 and the massive What You Were released in 2008.
Listen to the guys on myspace here.
and you can follow these guys on facebook here.

North have been giving away their first album Siberia for free and here at Circuit Sweet we can offer it to you just click the link and download the zip.

Seriously head over to their myspace and enjoy the filth.

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