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Lambhorn Unveil New Single ‘Cascade’ | Interview Special

March 31, 2017
Lambhorn  Unveil New Single ‘Cascade’ And Talk Forthcoming Record Release
 Bristol based quartet Lambhorn are no strangers to Circuit Sweet. The powerful four piece first caught our eye back in 2015 at Chiyoda Ku‘s EP Launch at The Stag and Hounds in Bristol. Having met the drummer at a previous show bonding over Bearcubbin‘ shirts we were eager to see this passionate musician perform with his band. Since then Lambhorn have very quickly gained a notorious emanation and a respectful fanbase. Following the release of their sensational debut EP ‘Earthlight‘, a record which showed unlimited promise. The band have relentlessly toured, been on some honourable shows and managed to impress a crowd of new listeners and old fans at ArcTanGent; now three years on from that EP release the men are about to release something that will allure all.
Lambhorn are without a doubt one of the most energetic bands around, one which cleverly layer their compositions with intricate ties and good heavy cuts, moving between the two dexterously.
The end of March proved to be a momentous time for the act as they unveiled their new track to the world, a taste of what we can all look forward too from the vivacious musicians.

With their new track ‘Cascade’ unleashed into the world just a few days ago, the act have effortlessly created hypnotic rhythms that navigate illusory landscapes. With the new projection this band have shown they’ve evolved, they’ve matured together, found a direction and their creativity has flourished. Lambhorn are fusing their broad range of influences and they’re creating a more heightened projection. ‘Cascade’ paves the way for a ingenious and invigorating record.
 Intrigued to find out more about the forthcoming release we had the pleasure in chatting to Lambhorn  to discover more about the record they’ve been working so hard on, their new single and their inspiration ….
Before we get to the details of the forthcoming new release and that new track you’ve just teased us with, we want to get to know more on you- Introduce yourselves, your band and how long have you been creating/performing live?
Chris – What up! We’re Lambhorn, or any number of misspellings or spoonerisms that have come from our goofy name. Individually, in ascending order of face hair length, we’re Ben (moustache, bass), Nathan (varying stubble length, guitar), Chris (curly ginger grease trap, guitar) and Oli (dirty bushman, drums).
We’ve been doing our combined thing for five years, which beautifully (and shamefully) has resulted in a mighty rate of a year-per-song written for the debut album we’ll be releasing soon. They are rather long songs though, so, y’know, we feel okay about it.
What’s the story behind the formation of your outfit and where did the name come from? 

Nathan – Lambhorn began when Chris and I, who were attending the same lectures on a Bath Spa course and had never made contact, met in a mutual friend’s uni accommodation. We quickly realized we had a huge overlap in music taste and a lot to show each other. We then decided to do the default thing and start a band. Lame. Having a similarly ruthless sense of humor helped as well. Shortly afterwards we adopted Ben and Oli from another band, Marabou Stalk, while hanging around smoking cigs outside the college.
Lambhorn is a play on Chris’ last name Lambourne. It took us weeks to come to that as a name. We both like animal band names and realized that there was an animal in Chris’ name! Woah! Since then we’ve retroanalyzed the name to signify the sweet and evil sides of our music.
How would you all describe your own sound? 
Ben – We half jokingly labelled ourselves “Surf-prog” after the revelation that all Lambhorn tracks sound awesome over slow motion footage of surfing… We all listen to very different styles of music so we pull influence from a lot of different places. One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever heard about us was that we sit somewhere between Steely Dan and King Crimson, i’d like to think we’re on that spectrum somewhere.
Tell us a little about your recording for the forthcoming album. Did it differ to the EP ‘earthlight’ and if so, why?
Oli – We recorded Earthlight back when Nathan (who records all our stuff) was studying in Cardiff. The equipment was okay, but not the greatest and the space wasn’t ideal, it was a big light room next to a main road and we recorded it in a day. Nathan then started working at J&J studios, and the space is incredible – the equipment is amazing and we have had free reign over the months to really experiment and make this the best sounding record possible. This is part of the reason it’s taken so long to finish, we’ve had the option to make it perfect and we’ve really taken advantage of that. We couldn’t be prouder, keep an ear out for the overdubs. There’s some special (and highly top secret) stuff in there!
The new single “Cascade” was unveiled a few days ago and what a highly anticipated release that was and we are thrilled to have the track streaming on the site. Describe your writing/recording process and how you’ve managed to get to this standout effort?
Ben – The writing process usually starts with Chris and/or Nathan bringing a delicious guitar part to the table, we’ll develop that part and find ways to come in and out of it and where it can be tied into the narrative of a song. Then once we have a song roughly structured we’ll bicker in windowless rooms for up to a year about 2 bar sections and eventually throw the whole thing in the bin. Then after a cool down period we’ll pull the scraps out of the bin and stick them all back together and call it New Lambhorn 1.
Who creates songtitles?
Oli – We all pitch in to the song titles, however the majority of suggestions that go ahead have been Chris’ and Nathan’s. They have a definite talent for choosing a word, or words that describes the narrative of the song really well. I find it super hard to choose just a title for a track with no lyrics, I could write a sentence about the journey we go through when we play it, at great risk of us looking like douchebags, but would rather just entrust the final say to the boys!
Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?
Chris – ‘Ere’s the thing about that though, we all do like to differ and bicker, and this is something we haven’t even argued about yet so there’s a new one for us to chew over. Ben likes Cascade, I like another one, the other two like different ones, and we rejoice, as the earth circles the sun yet another year. A baby is born, an old man dies, and Lambhorn disagree. 
Can you tell us more about the album, is it finished and what can we expect? 
Oli – The tracks from our first EP, earthlight were written before Ben and I joined the band. This new record is everything we’ve written since we’ve been making music with each other. So, 3/4…maybe 5 years of work and 9 months of recording. This badboy is ready to blow! Expect a record that ebbs and flows. Expect the heaviest shit we’ve done, and expect the most gentle, serene stuff we’ve done.
What’s the strangest venue/atmosphere you’ve played too to date?
Ben – Think I can safely speak for all of us on this one. Last year we had the most bizarre gig/weekend of our lives in Nottingham with our extended family, Memory of Elephants and Leg. We were all asked to play at Chilfest, a festival held at the Chetwynd barracks for the friends and families of the military staff stationed there. We played from the side of a gig bus to a field of face painted children and confused parents. Lambhorn followed the Military Wives Choir and played within 50 metres of a kids capoeira display, while Memory of Elephants played during a police sniffer dog show. The whole thing got quickly out of hand and slipped into debauchery after several barefoot trips to the 24 hour Tesco just outside the barracks, returning past the fully armed guards with crates and crates of beer to see a soapbox race. We then spent the rest of the weekend playing frisbee, 9/10 would play again.
And finally any last words?
Lambhorn – Come and see us play the last ever Stagfest on April 16th as we say ta-ra to our beloved home across the road from one of our actual homes. Stag & Hounds 4 lyfe. Also, to all bands, please stop spitting at the crowd, no-one likes it and it’s not alright.
A huge thank you to all of Lambhorn for your time with Circuit Sweet once more. New single has got us so excited! Here’s to such a promising year for you guys.

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