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Killington Fall Reunited- Exclusive Interview And Tour Announcement

August 8, 2013


An act we thrived about. We couldn’t wait to tell you about this refreshingly talented band. In fact, a regular name to Circuit Sweet throughout our first introducing feature back in 2011. Circuit Sweet regularly feature post-rock bands but post-rock bands when it’s done right. South West London quartet Killington Fall had an impressive fan base, and an even more impressive back catalog. The past tense mentioned in this paragraph is due to the band announcing an indefinite hiatus last year.

This hiatus devastated us but at the same time consoled us- they hadn’t parted ways just put a temporary hold on the band . It came as a real shock and it’s upsetting to see any loved band call it a day, if only for a little while . You hope their time was incredible, that they enjoyed each live gig, they loved their studio time together and you hope their releases were received with the sincerity and the passion that went into making them. With Killington Fall, there was no doubt that their time together was loved. And deep down the thought of indefinite hiatus was questioned. How can such a powerful band of flourishing musicians temporarily call it a day? How can they resist that feeling of performing live together to a room of adoring fans?

It comes with great delight that we can report the band is reuniting for a much needed tour. And we are honored to speak to the band regarding their fantastic announcement.

The instrumental and incredibly powerful 4 piece consists of Cameron Stewart – Guitar/Vocals/Keys, James Simpson – Drums/Vocals, Max Templer – Guitar and Patrick Jordan on Bass. We speak to nearly all the members (minus Patrick) to find out more surrounding the announcement.

Firstly thank you so much for spending some time with Circuit Sweet. Would you please introduce yourselves and what you do within the band?

Max: I play guitar and go La.

Cameron: SAME.

Jambo: I play drums and sometimes I get to sing. Paddy plays bass.

How long have you all been playing for? What was it that made you pick up an instrument?

M: I’ve been playing guitar since I was like 11 when my parents bought me one and got me lessons. I guess I first wanted to play guitar when I got into the Strokes.

J: About the same time as Max. I chose drums because the guitar looks out of proportion when I’m holding one.

In one word, what does Killington Fall mean to you?

M: Tinnitus
C: Sweat
J: M1

When you announced the hiatus, obviously without touching too much on it encase it was a pivotal and upsetting moment, but to the outside world it seemed like such an unexpected shock. For yourselves was it a long time coming?

M: It wasn’t particularly dramatic. We just sat down and realised that, at that point, we couldn’t foresee an occasion when we would all be able to get together and put the effort in to make the band work as well as we wanted it to. We thought it would be better to go on hiatus so people knew what was going on with us as opposed to disappearing and never coming back. We’ve just managed to get together again sooner than we expected!

Following the announcement of the hiatus, have you still been playing , either solo, in various other outfits? Or even meeting for a secret practice together?

M: I’ve jammed with a couple of other people, but nothing serious. Me and Jambo played together with some mates at a house party but aside from that not really, we’ve been too busy!

J: I joined a band called ANTIBANG with some mates up in Leeds. It was a totally different sound and experience to Killington, it was nice to get a different perspective on music making. I’ve also started producing and collaborating with a load of friends. I was kind of a roadie for the Dizzy G’s (The Disraeli Gears) for a bit too which was loads fun.

We are ecstatic that you’ve announced Killington Fall have reunited for a short tour in September. How are you all feeling about this?

M: Really excited. It’ll be cool just to hang out as a group again as I don’t think we’ve actually been in the same country at the same time for the entire year given our conflicting schedules.

J: I feel like the cat that paradropped into the cream factory.

What made the decision to tour come about?

C: Just to have some fun and play as friends again. I haven’t picked up a guitar properly since the last KF show, so it will be a bit of a challenge as well!
J: So we could make a heap of money and spend it on cocaine and prostitutes.

What can we look forward to from the live performance?

C: Max, wearing jean shorts, even in artic temperatures. Jambo’s oddly effeminate body.

Is this the only tour planned for now?

M: For the moment yeah, it’s on the basis of when we can all get together and put the time in which is pretty difficult to organise. We’ll tour and play when we can, no guarantees that it will be often though!

Will there be any new material previewed on the tour?

M: We’re looking to write and road test one or two new songs on this tour and see how they go down!

Are you visiting any new venues/cities whilst on the road?

M: Not at the moment, although we’re talking to a couple of people about visiting some new spots. If anyone wants to offer us a show anywhere exotic then we’d be happy to play!

What is it you’re most looking forward to being back on the road?

C: Spending time with friends I have not seen in a while

J: Rear ending each others cars in inappropriate places.

Do you have a ritual you do just before taking to the stage? Like a band huddle that you’ve been excited to re-do one last time.

C: To be honest I can’t even remember. Hi-fiving? That’s usually a safe bet.

M: I don’t think we were cool enough to do anything.

Is there one particular song you cannot wait to perform live?

M: Eventide, The Dark probably.

J: Two Surrendered flags.

Regarding the future is there anything else we can look forward to?

C: As we’ve said, it’s really hard to say at the moment. We each have a lot going on in our own lives. If there is time something will happen, we’ll see how this jaunt goes first.

Finally thank you again for spending time with Circuit Sweet and letting us in the know of all things Killington Fall, we really are honored to have you on the site and thrilled you are touring once more, we wish you all the best with everything.


Make sure you catch the band on their tour at the following dates-

20th September – Kingston @ The Fighting Cocks

22nd September – London @ The Old Blue Last

23rd September – Leeds @ The Packhorse

24th September – Sheffield @ The Harley

25th September – Newcastle @ The Cluny

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