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January 14, 2011

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  Way back in August Circuit Sweet featured the brand new video from Pilots. and was delighted to have an interview with the band. Fastforward a few months, and Pilots, the 4 piece from Austria are our first feature for 2011. The band itself provide a fast moving, melodic, indie rock embrace. Setting the standards high as hell for the following posts, in this interview with
Pilots very own Hannes, we talk about how they formed, their involvement with Trost Records, their debut EP and future plans. As well as look at their top 5 rad releases of 2010….
  • Firstly, how did you all come about to form Pilots?
  We all played in various DIY hardcore/punk/screamo bands and our former bands all played shows together, that’s basically how we got to know each other. So, when these bands either broke up, or we left them, we decided to start something more, well, kinda poppy together. That’s pretty much how it all started. We had a guitar-player line-up change, but since summer 2008 the current and actual line-up’s complete.
  • Is there a pretty sweet story behind the name of band?
 I wish there was one, but unfortunately there’s not really that much of a story behind it. It was more or less the first name we came up with that everyone liked and could somehow identify with.
  • What are your collective band musical influences that are portrayed in your music?
  I think there’s quite a wide range of influences. There are rather obvious influences such as post-punk/new wave and post-rock, as well as maybe not so obvious ones which reach from various kinds of electronic music and (post-)hardcore to, well, let’s say hip hop, surf rock and metal. We’re all listening to a lot of different stuff, which surely influences us in any way.
  • Describe what your live performances capture and the reaction, for those that are at the moment unable to see you guys play….
 People always tell us that our live performances are quite intense and that we seem to be quite into it emotionally. Well, that’s what people say. 
 One thing I can definitely say is that playing, well, powerful and emotional live shows is one thing that we’ve learned back in the hardcore days and that still can work out quite well for us. I think it really depends on whether it’s a show, which we all enjoy, or whether we’re just playing a classical “fuck-you-set”;)
  • The EP is structured powerfully, How does song writing take place within the band?
  Mostly there’s kind of a basic guitar line, the lyrics and a vocal melody first.  Then we try to build a song concept around it, debate about each part for days, erase and rewrite everything for about twentyfive times until all parts start making sense. Then the combination of these parts becomes a song, we again rearrange everything for a few times until we eventually like it. Sometimes songwriting takes us ages, sometimes it seems to happen within minutes. I think we haven’t found the one formula that works for us all the time yet.
  • What was the bands approach to recording your debut EP Our Taxidermic Tongues?
  Well, we wanted to record the songs primarily for ourselves, to be able to hear what we sound like, because at that time our former guitar player left the band and we were not quite sure which direction to take. 
 So the intention was to write and record those four songs at a friend’s studio to see if playing in that band still made sense for us. Recording these songs was a very good feeling. So, after we were finished we thought, well why not try to find a label, which would be willing to put these songs on a proper record.

  • You recently signed with Trost Records, How did you guys come about to work with the label?
 We did it the good old fashioned way, made a few promo cd/packages and sent them to labels we liked and hoped which would come to like us too. Trost were the ones, who really were interested in working together with us. We then met, talked about everything and so it all started.
  •  We featured your video not so long ago, but where did the idea originate for your latest music video Masquerade?
  I think we wanted to somehow visualize some of the images within the lyrics. Even though the real outcome always looks different to what it might have looked in ones imagination before, I think we’re all quite happy with the result. It could at least have been worse.
  • What is your own drive and passion for the band you are working so hard in?
 It’s just an awesome feeling when you’ve again finished another song that you’re really into or when you’re playing places you’ve never been to, in front of people you’ve never met before. On a good day it might even happen that those people tell you that your music means something to them. It’s basically a ‘You can’t beat that feeling’ kinda thing.
  • Sell the EP to me in 5words

 Puh, that’s a tough one. Sorry, but I’ve never been good doing things like this. Maybe anyone else?

 C.S:  disco-beat montage of raw-tracks  is tough, but fucking radical regardless.
  • What are PILOTS embracing over the next few months? Can we hear more from you?
 You definitely will hear more from us.
 There’s a limited-edition tape with remixes of the ep tracks coming out early 2011 on the small German label ‘Tief in Marcellos Schuld
 Then in spring we will release a 7″ single as a teaser for our upcoming debut album, which will hopefully come out till the beginning of summer. 
 We’ll of course be playing lots of shows and hopefully do quite some touring again as well. 
 So if you know anyone who’s organizing shows and could be interested in putting us on, we’ll be always up to things like that. So yeah, you’ll definitely hear from us and probably even have the possibility to check us out live sometime.
You can check out the label thats bringing out the remix tape here :
 We asked the band what there top 5 rad releases of 2010 were, despite not being featured in the December countdown here is their list.
Favourite Albums of 2010: 
 1. Future Islands – In Evening Air 
2. Abe Vigoda – Crush
3. Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts
4. Vampire Weekend – Contra
5. Maximum Balloon – Maximum Balloon

You can Check the video for Masquerade again here, it is awesome-
Pilots. – Masquerade (Official Video) from wearepilotsyouarenot on Vimeo.
 Pilots. are now on bandcamp, alternatively you can get their debut EP on 12″ for any record lovers here-  SUBSTANCE STORE
But listen to the band below, dig them, support them, share them to more.
 Keep closer to the guys via their facebook HERE.
We will be keeping in touch with Pilots and shall be featuring any future news and releases here, Personally cannot wait for the album release and any chance of a few UK gigs I am certain they will not be ones to miss.

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